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padme_stillness's Journal

Padme Stillness
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Welcome to Padme Stillness, an icon challenge community dedicated to the character of Padme Amidala from the Star Wars prequel films.

Moderator: emiv

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[01.] All entries are to be submitted in a comment to the challenge post.

[02.] All entries are to be anonymous until after the voting.

[03.] Do not vote for yourself.

[04.] All entries should meet LJ’s size/type requirements for icons.

[05.] No animated icons.

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Please submit all entries as follows:

Banner: yes or no
(Icon URL)

Note: You must be a member to submit entries.

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Challenges run for two weeks.

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Icon Challenges

1. Red Throne Room Gown
2. Blue
3. Action Padmé
4. Beautiful, but sad
5. Lyrical: "Whisper" by Evanescence
6. Concept Art
7. Politician!Padmé
8. Humor
9. The Refugee Disguise Gown
10. Lyrical: "I Dreamed A Dream" - Les Miserables
11. The Handmaiden Flame Dress
12. The Water Gown
13. Padmé and Anakin I ..........winners
14. Padmé as Queen
15. Purple
16. Scene: RotS-Padmé’s Ruminations
17. The Peacock Gown
18. Clone Wars!Padmé
19. Padmé smiles
20. She Walks in Beauty
21. The Pre-Senate Address Gown
22. Padmé Quotes
23. What If? - Lady Vader
24. Yellow
25. Padmé and Naboo
26. Multilingual!Padmé
27. AoTC!Padmé
28. Handmaiden Battle Gown
29. Padmé in Love
30. Pretty Girl by Sugar Cult
31. Scene: AOTC Balcony
32. What If? II – Obidala
33. Scene: Knightfall

Mini-Banner Challenges

1. The Refugee Disguise Gown
2. Concept Art
3. The Handmaiden Flame Dress
4. "Whisper" by Evanescence
5. Red Throne Room Gown
6. Padmé’s Ruminations
7. "I Dreamed A Dream" - Les Miserables
8. Padmé smiles</i>
9. Action Padmé</i>

Have a suggestion for a future challenge? Post it here.

Who made that icon? If you would like to know the creator of an icon submitted for a past challenge, ask here.

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Moons of Iego Padme’s Wardrobe


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